Taki Muthige Biography, Age , Early Life, Career, BBMzansi, State Of Origin and Net worth

Taki Muthige is one of the male Big Brother Mzansi 2024 housemates that made it into the house in this Season 4 of the reality TV show, which is hosted in South Africa.

In this article, you will get to know about Taki Muthige of BBMzansi 2024 Show, including his age, state of origin, occupation, relationship status, Ex girlfriend, contacts, mother, father, siblings, and Taki Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Biography of Taki Muthige BBMzansi 2024 Housemate

This upcoming BBMzansi star has tour round the world and intends to make lots of friends in the house while also proving to himself that he is appreciated, worthy, and sufficient.

Taki Big Brother Mzansi Wiki Profile

  • Full name: Takalani
  • Age: 24
  • Occupation: Entertainer

Everything You Need to know about Taki (according to an Interview with him)

How do you move in relationships?

I’m simply a lover boy. Take care, Drake. You know, a very emotional, “I want you and nobody else” type of area, feeling, or energy. That’s how I am. I have much of love to give. I love, therefore that’s how I approach relationships.

What does S’ya Mosha mean to you?

S’ya Mosha refers to devastation, messiness, armageddon, chaos, and everything that is chaotic or out of order. Hello, man. I’m Mosha.


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How are you a disruptor?

I am a disruptor because I enjoy having a lot of fun while still being quite deep. I can come to know you extremely well, including your deepest, darkest secrets, and use them against you.

Taki BBMzansi Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat & Twitter

You can follow Taki on Instagram and get all the latest updates as he moves on with his daily celeb life.

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