Korounganba Khuman Biography, Age, Career, Facts and Net worth

Korounganba Khuman Biography, Age, Career, Facts, Death and Net worth

Korounganba Khuman was a popular figure in the history of Manipur, he’s well known for his major contributions to the Political and Social developments in the region.

Korounganba Khuman Age

Khulna was Born on the 27th of August, 1920, in Imphal, Manipur.


Khuman attended local schools in the area of Imphal, After his primary education, Khuman furthered his higher education at Cotton College in Guwahati, Assam. While he was in school he actively participated in different student movements, advocating for the welfare and human rights of students in Manipur.

Khuman grew up in a politically oriented home, which had great impact on him.


When Khuman returned to Manipur, he became very actively in politics and joined MSSCP (The Manipur State Congress Party), using the platform to fight for the rights and freedom of Manipur. The people loved his activities and personality, this made him a popular leader.

As time goes on Khuman gained major recognition after playing a major role in the merger of Manipur with India in 1949. He worked so hard to make sure that his people (Manipur’s) voice very well heard and that the interests of his people were much more protected during the merger process.

After the merger in 1949, Khuman was appointed as the first ever Finance Minister of Manipur in 1949. After he was appointed he went on to implement lots of policies which was focused on improving financial stability of the state infrastructural development, healthcare and education. He also played key role in building the foundation for economic development in the Manipur.

Personal Life

We don’t have much details about Khuman’s Personal life.

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Facts about Korounganba Khuman;

  • In 1950 he established the iconic Manipur State Transport (MST), It was totally affordable.
  • He was awarded and honored with the title of Rajarshi by the Maharaja of Manipur in 1975.

Net Worth

We do not have much details about Korounganba estimated net worth. Once we get more details we would update this post.

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