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American popular Christian band NeedToBreathe recently added a new single to their playlist titled ‘Seasons’.

This song was released in 2020.

Listen and download below:

Lyrics: Seasons By NeedToBreathe

We can’t decide if we are fallen
Because every single call is a chance
To realize we’re dependent
On the fate of our circumstance
We’ve been living minute to minute
We’ve been holding on to every breath
Somehow our hearts are still in it
But our innocence has left

We’re in for nasty weather
And I’ll ride it out with you
We won’t be riding highs and lows
Like tides of ocean blue
We won’t be here forever
Just a moment then we’re through
We can’t be shifting with the sands
Like seasons always do
Like seasons always do

Everything we said was a reason
For us to pick up our things and go
But even when we climbed up the mountain
We knew that we had nowhere to go

I was in, I was in perpetual anticipation
I never knew what was worse
The evil I, the evil I had spent my time
Reliving all of the worrying that made it hurt
I am done, I am done with waiting on the creek to rise
Cause there’s more to life, there’s more to life
There’s more to life

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