Lerato Modise Biography, Age, Career, Education, Nationality, Personal Life, Net Worth

Have you been Wondering who is Lerato Modise? and why she’s trending all over on the internet? You want to meet her physically, spiritually and internetically? (don’t mind my intentional grammar error) search no further because in this post, you will be reading some key facts about  Lerato Modise,

Lerato Modise is one of the female Housemates in the ongoing Popular Reality Show Big Brother Mzansi (BBMzansi) season 4, 2024 reality TV program.

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Who is Lerato Modise?

(according to her interview in the Big Brother House)

“I’m a person who has all the difficulties that I have to face. I grew up in Torgosa, in the East. I’m 29 years old. And I’m a big brother in Zanzi season for housemates. Siamosha! Why am I here? I’d love for my boys to be heard.

“I’d love post -winning to create jobs and hopefully one day open up a skills development center. Siamosha means to me chaos, means colorful, and means unriviti. You know if I could do a flat-out, say shh shh shh shh yeah, that.

“My best pick-up line because I’m horki, go fela go fela! I wouldn’t mind being in a relationship, my name is Love, so I would love to do with someone. My life is in the groove world guys, I work in hip hop and we groove a lot.

“Yeah I go to events, I do Mjutirisu, I don’t do a lot of clapping. I used to do strip claps but not anymore, God saved me. I am a mixture of the poster and the unifier. I’m the mediator of the poster unifier.

“I’m very confrontational. I like drawing the line, I like things up there. If people don’t get along, don’t just put us there you know. My favorite Zanzi disruptor has to be Nomsama Matt. She has really disrupted the industry from coming second run up on MTV to being an executive producer.

“Of a movie that she once said on air that if there are any directors in the room please cause me to be Queen Landi. Guess what, she’s now Queen Landi. A movie that she executive produced herself. My brand is very eccentric, it’s ghetto, it’s snobbish and I’m in the streets man.”

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