Jacqueline Okwueze (Tennis Player) Biography, Age, Career, Personal Life & Net Worth

Jacqueline Okwueze Tennis Player Biography: Age, Career, State of Origin & Net Worth

Jacqueline Okwueze is a professional Tennis Ball Player who hails from Ibadan, Nigeria.


Jacqueline was born on the 15th of May, 1985, in Ibadan, Nigeria By a Nigerian father and a Ukrainian mother.


She attended Cate High School in Santa Barbara, California, United States, She the Succeeded in furthering her education to study Marketing at the at Southern University of Texas. Meaning  Jacqueline has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. While she was still in school she showed her Excellent skills as an NCAA Division 1 athlete in Tennis, representing her school in a competition.

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Jacqueline Okwueze Career

She’s a Professional Tennis Ball Player who Began her legal career as a law clerk, specializing on immigration law, gaining more knowledge on various immigration matters.

Her officially started her own law practice in the year 2015, focusing more on immigration and criminal defense. Jacqueline is Known for her professionalism and dedication, before the sad event it was said that she has handled numerous cases.

Jacqueline Okwueze Personal Life

Jacqueline got married in 2006, to Mr. Okwueze, who is a Nigerian-American engineer. It is confirmed that they have two children.

What happened to Jacqueline

The popular Tennis ball Player was seen in a state of mental instability, walking in the streets of Awka, Anambra State. It’s really sad despise her past winning, on the video record she looks like some who’s really passing through lot is challenges at the moment.

Jacqueline Okwueze Net worth

Jacqueline Okwueze has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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