Sbahle Mpisane has covered her body with tattoos and she’s taken to social media to reveal the reason behind such an act.


The fitness bunnie claims she was against tattoos till she got involved in an accident that left lots of scars on her body.

Sbahle started tattooing her body in 2019 and has been gradually covering up the scars; she will be completing the inking of her skin today.

Personally I’ve always been against tattoos but the scars I have are permanent tattoos I never asked for. I know many people will question why I’ve covered so much of my body with tattoos. But in all honesty I don’t like viewing my scars while moisturising my body which has led me to cover my body,” she wrote.

Do you understand what I mean right & support what will lessen my stress? I do feel beautiful. I’ve even started wearing short revealing outfits due to my weight loss program,” she added.


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