Emtee reacts to theft claims of his records’ logo and upcoming single, “Johustleburg”

Emtee has been called out by a local designer for stealing his idea which he pitched months ago.

The designer said the rapper’s record label, Emtee records’ logo and his upcoming single, Johustleburg was stolen from him and he gave receipt for all of his claims.

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Emtee’s record label logo
Upcoming single’s title.

Check the above in comparison with the local designer’s work below:

The local designer shared evidence of his old chat with Emtee.

However, Emtee said he isn’t changing anything and some tweeps dragged him, which got the rapper spilling more words.

I’m not changing the title of my record. That’s the point!!! STOP ALL THESE TRICKS! IM STILL DROPPING THE SONG AND THE ALBUM. I’m nobody!! I jus happen to be a musician. Cut it out!!!” he tweeted.


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