Barrister Syed Sayedul Haque Suman (Sumon) Biography, Wiki, NetWorth, Career and Education

Barrister Syed Sayedul Haque Suman (Sumon) Biography, Wiki, NetWorth, Career and Education

Barrister Suman, also known as Syed Sayedul Haque Suman (Bengali: ব্যারিস্টার সুমন), is a Popular politician, social activist, barrister, and lawyer from Bangladesh who has achieved notable success in his career.

Barrister Sumon Biography

Suman, who was born in Bangladesh’s Habiganj District on September 3, 1978, is well-known for his work as the director of the Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment Foundation and as a prosecutor at the International Crimes Tribunals.

Barrister Suman Career

His birthplace was Habiganj District, Sylhet, Bangladesh, and he was born in 1978. Started attending the University of London in 2004.

He enrolled in the City University of London in 2008 to pursue additional studies. He began working with Syed Rezaur Rahman and Associates in 2010.

Barrister Suman gained notoriety in 2019 for his social media activities. He discussed issues pertaining to society and individuals on social media, particularly Facebook. People find his videos to be fascinating because of his sensible approach.


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Late 2023, Barrister Suman nominated for Habiganj-4 as individual MP contender for 2024 national election. Eagle Marka was given to him.

Possessed a Football Academy “Barrister Suman Football academy” is the name of the football academy that Barrister Suman founded.

Barrister Suman was chosen on January 7, 2024, to represent Chunarughat or Habiganj-4 in the Bangladeshi parliament.

Barrister Barrister Syed Sayedul Haque Suman Net Worth

Every year, Syed Sayedul Haque Suman, also known as Barrister Sumon, is believed to have a net worth of roughly 7.5 lakh BDT. He has loans of 50 lakh BDT from several banks.

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