Zimbabwe: Singer Novuyo Seagirl shares lockdown experience

Novuyo Seagirl lockdown due to Covid-19

The time under lockdown due to Covid-19 restrictions has given award-winning singer Novuyo Seagirl time to discover herself.

The lockdown has given many Zimbabweans and other people worldwide, time to reflect on their lives.

Seagirl said at first, she felt it was a nightmare, but now, she has adjusted and realised that the lockdown is not all bad as she has used this period to rethink her life and career.

“At first, it was a nightmare but, it’s given me a lot of time to find myself. This is a time to discover yourself and build yourself as an individual. Career wise, that’s what I’m doing as well – I’m discovering tools that can be essential in my growth for the brand Novuyo Seagirl,” she said.

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The AEIOU hit-maker said contrary to some people’s belief that the lockdown was some sort of punishment, there is a lot to be happy about like the gift of life as the Covid-19 pandemic is killing thousands of people daily.

“There’re many things to be grateful for, so why not be happy that we’re at least breathing and still communicating with our friends and family.

“Everyone is sobbing about this pandemic, but what of the other good things in our lives? We ought to be happy about them so people have to be reminded about that,” she said.

Earlier this week, a track titled Happy by Bulawayo-born afro jazz sensation Tinashe ‘Tymbah’ Mukwamuri was released on Star FM. Seagirl said the new track was for people to be joyful even in these trying times.

“It’s a song meant to cheer people up as it’s about happiness, an expression of joy. It’s just to say we’re happy people and we also want people to be happy especially in these trying times,” she said.

The up-tempo, groovy and jazzy house track that was produced by Toga is now available on YouTube.

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