Zimbabwe: Mai Mwamuka turns online marriage counsellor

Mai Mwamuka

Seeing that couples are spending all their time together now due to the country’s lockdown, gospel musician Mai Mwamuka who is also a marriage coach has decided to offer marriage counselling services to couples in order to keep them united during this trying time.

The adept musician is a marriage coach and counsellor with Bulawayo Chapter of Gracious Women and Husbands Agape Fellowship International.

As the lockdown continues, Mai Mwamuka who has been happily married for 29 years said this period is not a punishment, but a great opportunity for couples to reconcile.

She said she decided to take her marriage counselling online due to public demand from her followers.

“After a session on radio on marriage counselling recently, the listeners insisted that I give them my number as they wanted more sessions on WhatsApp. I then realised that since we’re faced with the Covid-19 pandemic that has led to the lockdown, more people need my services more than ever.

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“I then started WhatsApp groups to reach out to these people,” she said.

Mai Mwamuka said the marriage mentorship class is for everyone who might need assistance.

The sessions are held on Wednesdays and are translated from English to Shona and Ndebele.

Yesterday, the third session of the counselling was held under the topic “Dealing with a small house during the pandemic in a Bible way”.

Explaining the topic, Mai Mwamuka said: “There’s a biblical way of dealing with small houses and if you don’t handle it in a good way, one might lose their partner. At the moment, the chat groups cater for three languages and we’re planning on initiating a Sotho and Tswana chat group in the coming weeks. This is to enable every participant to freely communicate.”

As an artiste who has shown that with age comes maturity through her music, Mai Mwamuka is expected to launch a single on Covid-19 awareness in the coming days.

She is also yet to release her album titled Jesu which was recorded last year. For now, she has one album titled Highly Lifted Up she released in 2017.

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