Zimbabwe: Emotional Wadiwa Wepa Moyo season finale leaves fans wanting more (@leemchoneyZim)

Mai Noku (Lee McHoney)

THEY say everything will be okay in the end. If not, it’s not the end. This phrase clearly depicts Season One finale of the trending online drama series Wadiwa Wepa Moyo which was aired on YouTube on Wednesday.

Those who had developed an addiction for the series will sadly have to wait a bit longer for Season Two whose production is uncertain due to the ongoing lockdown.

For many, the 10th and final episode was an emotional one which left some in tears. New revelations were made, leaving viewers wanting more.

Among those who left viewers in tears was the ever-smiling, comical crowd favourite, Biko (Dillion Mafukidze), who shed tears after he was informed at the last hour, by his best friend – Man Tawa (Everson Chieza) – that he would not be travelling to Bulawayo with him to join a football club there. During the series, Biko, who doubled up as Man Tawa’s football manager, had been very supportive of his friend, so the news that he was no longer going to be part of his friend’s football career broke him.

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Sister to Man Tawa, Sis Shami (Monalisa Tendere), a holy soul, is also shattered after learning that her baby daddy whom she had hoped had changed for the better, was no longer coming to visit her and the child after she had gone to lengths preparing for his visit – even getting a new hairdo.

Mai Noku (Lee McHoney) on the other hand, finally gathers the courage to ask her husband if he was having an affair with a lady named Mercy and wow, she got more than she bargained for as he went on to tell her that he in fact wanted a divorce. She could not help but cry in front of her daughter, Noku (Tadiwa Bopoto) who had her own little drama going on as she had a tough decision to make of choosing to pursue her relationship with an old flame or continue with her new found love.

New entry on the show, Tendai (Albert Chigiya) who is causing havoc in Noku and Man Tawa’s affair as he wants Noku back, commenting on the season finale said: “The series finale was emotional and the fans reaction was amazing. It (finale) was a mind boggling climax and a few lessons could be learnt from it.”

Bopoto who plays lead actress, Noku said she has grown as an actor and is proud of herself as there are brands who want to work with her.

The funny character who many believe brought life to the series, Biko, said he is still overwhelmed with the response he received from the audience. He said this shows that people related to the storyline, especially the scene where he was left behind by Man Tawa.

The series production manager Kudakwashe Jani said he was sad that the series had come to an end.

“It’s been a really satisfying and adrenaline-filled journey. It’s sad though that people will no longer have something to look out for on Wednesday’s, but, we’d like to thank all the people who’ve been tuned in and subscribed to our YouTube channel – Comedy Central.

“It’s really humbling to know that you have a whole nation backing you and wishing you success,” said Jani.

For Season 2, he said they will definitely work on the loopholes that fans identified in order to improve on their production.

The series which was watched by over 200 000 people definitely gave locals something to enjoy during the lockdown with some challenging national broadcaster, ZBC to consider airing such series as they tell the Zimbabwean story. Some went on to say the show deserves to be shown on international platforms such as Netflix.

“I pray the producers of Wadiwa Wepa Moyo get a Netflix contract or something. With some real money, they could sell our Zimbabwean story to the world,” commented radio and TV personality, Napoleon Nyanhi. – @mthabisi_mthire.

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