Policeman who begged for divorce makes u-turn

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Court orders NIS to pay ex-Rivers governor N2 million fine

An Igando Customary Court in Lagos granted a divorce to Rafiu Ademola, a police officer who had accused his wife of infidelity before the court. Ademola later changed his mind and begged the court not to dissolve his marriage.

When the case came up for judgment on Tuesday, Ademola presented the court with a letter informing them of his decision to withdraw the case.

Following the court’s intervention and counseling, Ademola has made the decision to forgive her wife and to dismiss the case, according to the statement.

While dismissing the case, Adeniyi Koledoye, the President of the Court, advised the couple to maintain their peace and to continue to live in love and harmony as long as they could.

This case is dismissed because the court has received a withdrawal notice in accordance with its rules.

“I implore you both to return to your homes and live in peace and love,” he declared.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the 45-year-old petitioner initially told the court that his 14-year-old wife, Rashidat, was a promiscuous woman. He later changed his mind.

“I discovered messages about her adulterous behavior in her WhatsApp conversations with her lovers. There are various locations where she meets with them.

One of the men overheard her telling him that she is a single mother who lives with her sister.

In order to preserve evidence, I transferred all of the chats into my phone.

He also accused his wife of being unmotivated and unproductive.

Rashidat, on the other hand, denied all of the allegations and agreed to the dissolution of the marriage.

“I’ve never been promiscuous in my life. The one who is having extramarital affairs is he, not his wife or girlfriend. Her husband “invite[s] women into our marital household,” she explained.

The 40-year-old fashion designer said that her husband had turned her into a punching bag in an attempt to win an argument.

“My spouse has a history of beating his wife. “My mother-in-law was never fond of me,” she admitted.

It was Rashidat’s request that the court grant her sole custody of their children.

“The last time I saw my children, they were all untidy and had skin diseases,” I recall.

“Please grant me custody so that I can provide proper care for them,” she requested in her letter.



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