Pappy Kojo Calls Trouble For Himself, See How He Celebrated Nigeria’s 60th Independence

Pappy Kojo Calls Trouble For Himself

Pappy Kojo Calls Trouble For Himself

Jason Gaisie, popularly known as Pappy Kojo, is a Ghanaian hip hop and hiplife recording artist an has done something subliminal crazier than fans thought.

Nigeria and Ghana are almost like twin Africa countries. They look almost like they share borders together allll because of the strong relationship between them in both entertainment and politics.

As the relationship grows, more Ghanaians and Nigerians recording artists keep featuring themselves to on beautiful songs.

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Nigerians celebrated their 60th Independence on Thursdays. As usual, Ghanaians sent in their congratulations messages for to Nigeria.

Pappy Kojo took his congratulation s to a little bit funny degree. Calling Nigeria goods “Kankan” which means “not having good taste, or smells bad, or not healthy.”

“Great people , beautiful music , beautiful women , edziban kankan Happy Independence Day Nigeria” he wrote on his twitter wall.

Nonetheless, he also address Nigerians as beautiful people with beautiful music.

Pappy Kojo Calls Trouble For Himself

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