One of our pastors almost died of coronavirus – Pastor Kumuyi

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Pastor William F. Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church (DLBC), has stated that the COVID-19 virus is not a hoax based on his observations.

In response to theories that the virus was a hoax or that it was politically motivated, Kumuyi stated that the experiences of some DLBC members in Nigeria and abroad demonstrated that the virus is genuine.

The cleric made the remarks during a press conference in Lagos, Nigeria, ahead of the church’s global crusade, which begins on Tuesday.

The ‘Great Miracle Explosion’ event, which will take place at the Deeper Life International Conference Centre, located at Km 42 on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, will run until December 26.

People who were in real COVID-19 situations and were kept in isolation have come to us,” says the doctor.

“In fact, one of our men, one of our pastors, was on the verge of passing away at the time.

“According to him, he had said his last prayer because, while he was in that isolation, he had witnessed other people dying in the same manner as he had.

“I was aware of it, and I called him and prayed with him over the phone.”

“Within an hour, I would say, he was completely healed,” says the doctor.

It was the Lord who revived him after he had gone to the toilet on his own and gotten up on his own.



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