SA: Neyi Zimu’s widow opens up about life after losing her husband

– Gospel star Neyi Zimu’s death was felt as an enormous loss for all of his fans

– His widow, Dr Nelisiwe Sibisi-Zimu, has been able to stay strong despite losing her husband

– She recently opened up about how life has been since December

Gospel star Neyi Zimu died after his long battle with illness late last year and the news was met with sorrow and sadness. The pastor passed away on 4 December after fighting with skin cancer, reported. Neyi has been an important part of the gospel music scene for many years, and fans were upset by his death. His widow, Dr Nelisiwe Sibisi-Zimu, recently opened up about how life has been since she lost her husband.

Move! reported that Neliswa reflected on how people said she was strong and brave after Neyi’s funeral and memorial service. She feels that it is God that gave her strength. “It can only be God that has kept me this strong and brave no other person than him. I know my strength came as a shock for a lot of people and there were mixed responses, and I believe I’m mature enough to know what to respond to and believe in my head.

“I was intentional about staying strong not just for me but for him as well throughout the whole process, and I think that is one of the things that was protecting for me.” According to News24, Neliswe says things are definitely different. She added that she misses her husband’s humour.

“Things are definitely not the same and grief is grief, sometimes you cry and sometimes you don’t.

“His absence is hard not to notice because he had such a big personality, which was very clear because whenever he was around, you’d feel that he was there. I miss his humour, us watching movies together as a family, praying together and how close we all were.”



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