Missing teenage girl found in a hotel with two boys

Missing teenage girl found in a hotel with two boys

A 17-year-old-young lady, distinguished as Anyasodo Lemachi Genevieve who was as of late revealed missing, has been found in a lodging with two young men.

A Facebook client, Annastecia Mary Lyon who shared the story on the stage noticed that Genevieve left home for over three days and all push to locate her demonstrated fruitless.

As per Lyon who guaranteed the missing young lady worked for her, expressed that she was wrongly blamed for knowing Genevieve’s whereabouts, including that her different understudies were likewise captured by the police after Genevieve disappeared.


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It was found out that the missing young lady was found following multi week of venturing out from home.

Genevieve was found in an inn after she was said to have been stopped in the lodging close by the two young men for multi week.


She wrote,

“The young girl was found with 2 boys. We passed through all that for a 17year old girl who went to enjoy her life. Lodged in hotels and had mad fun, with 2 guys oo. Her parents knew the kind of daughter they have, they just wanted to release their wickedness on some persons. And they succeeded. We saw the girl today, looking all beautiful and glowed up, they even bought her new pairs of footwear.

“Then the mom had the guts to ask the police why they are releasing my girl?* really? This family is mean. So they should still keep my girl there even after your daughter is back? How evil. The police told her how she was supposed to apologise to my girl who was detained for no reason for days.

“She didn’t say sorry. She didn’t show any remorse. We left with the police apologising to us… so much wickedness. How do this people want to be served please? Should I talk about the money we lost during these days. Our 12th of September bride, I have it out to an artist. 13th of September bride, I gave it out. All the other 13th of September bookings, we all gave out. 14th and 15th, clients we missed. The expenses to bail the girls, the health expenses. The mental stress. My business name etc Wawu.”. She added.

Missing teenage girl found in a hotel with two boys

Missing teenage girl found in a hotel with two boys

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