KENYA: Maina Kageni says his mom forgave him 25 years later after refusing to join university

Maina Kageni

Speaking during a question and answer session with his fans on YouTube,Maina Kageni said he regrets hurting his mom by not going to college while in the UK , According to him, he did not know his mother still held a grudge over his decision for 25 years .

The radio presenter said his mother only forgave him in 2019 – The Classic 105 presenter said he never stepped foot in college and instead used school fees to maintain his expensive lifestyle.

Talking about his love life, Maina disclosed he had at one time asked Sanaipei Tande to let him sire a baby with her Radio host, Maina Kageni, says he regrets hurting his mother by not going to the university when he was in the UK. The Classic 105 breakfast show presenter said he did not know his mum was still angry about that decision until in 2019 when she invited him for dinner at their home.

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Speaking during a question and answer session with his fans on YouTube, Maina said he was astonished to learn his mother had remained bitter over his decision to abscond college 25 years after it all happened. The presenter disclosed that he left Kenya to enroll in a college in the UK, but ended up never setting foot in a higher learning institution when he was abroad.

“If there is something I regret is hurting my mother. Last year she invited me home for dinner and said she had forgiven me for not going to university. For the 25 years, my mum only forgave me last year,” he said. 

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Maina said his mother had so much faith in him and unlike his brother and sister, he was given his school fees in cash. Speaking to him with motherly love, his mother revealed to him of a promise she had made to their father before he died.

“I ate all my school fees by living large in the UK. My mum told me, Maina, if there is something I had promised your dad is that all his children would go to university,” said the radio host. 

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During the live session with his fans, Maina disclosed that he believed in the institution of marriage but reiterated it was not meant for people like him. Responding to a fan who asked him who he preferred between songbirds Avril and Sanaipei Tande, Maina said Avril was gorgeous while Sanaipei was sexy and so beautiful.

“Avril, I love you so much, you are beautiful but Sanaipei you are sexy and so beautiful,” confessed Maina. 

Going back to days they worked together with Sanaipei at Kiss FM, Maina disclosed he indecently proposed to the lass asking her to be his baby mama. He said he did not want to commit but Sanaipei never took him seriously. “I remember telling Sana, I do not want a relationship with you, but please have a baby for me. When I made that joke, I was serious but she used to joke around it, Sanaipei was created on a Sunday,” confessed Maina.


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