KENYA: Comedian Olematope discloses he had deep feelings for Caroline Mutoko, Sabina Chege

Comedian deep feelings for Caroline Mutoko and Sabina Chege

Popular Comedian Ngoni Thuita alias Olematope said glances at Caroline Mutoko and Sabina Chege  made his knees weak

Thuita disclosed he had just waded into the media industry and was not popular when he crushed on Mutoko, a prominent and revered media personality, The comedian became famous for his role in Vitimbi where he cracked his fans ribs with his perfect Maasai accent and habits Comedian Ngoni Thuita alias Olematope has confessed he had deep admiration feelings for Murang’a Woman Rep Sabina Chege and media personality, Caroline Mutoko.

Olematope made the confession in a YouTube video in which he stated what attracts him to women on Friday, April 24.

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According to the actor, he used to look at Mutoko and Sabina and his heart would yearn for them but could not make his feelings known.

“I used to look at Caroline Mutoko and Wanjiru Chege and my heart crushed for them. This was when Sabina used to host a Kikuyu show dubbed Therera (flow) I was attracted to her husky voice,” he said. 

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Thuita disclosed he had just joined the media industry and had no name when he crushed on Mutoko.

“I had just joined the media industry. I had not even made a name for myself. First, I did not have a car and I used to dress in a not so classy way. We were in the studio and she hugged everyone and I kept asking if she would hug me and when she hugged me, I was drawn into her expensive cologne,” said Olematope.

The comedian became famous for his role in Vitimbi where he made people laugh with his perfect Maasai accent. He at one time co-hosted a show called Rwiga rwa Coro at Coro FM with with the Murang’a Woman Rep.

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