KENYA: Comedian DJ Shiti denies ownership of Twitter handle abusing netizens

DJ Shiti

DJ Shiti has denied owning a Twitter account calling people names asking KOT not to troll him, The comedian questioned why anyone would use someone else’s identity to spread hate, Bahati has been the subject of ridicule after claiming his wife was a gem and no other celeb wants to face such negative remarks Comedian DJ Shiti has denied ownership of a Twitter account using his name to troll and abuse other users. With Kenya being known as a ‘land of trolls’ worldwide, many are creating fake accounts to continue trolling and shaming other social media users.

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Celebrities have become a social media trend lately with many creating fake accounts under their names with DJ Shiti being the latest victim. The comedian went on his Instagram to warn fans from following and consuming content from a certain Twitter account that was using his name in a negative manner.

“This is not my Twitter handle. Why would anyone open an account and start calling people names using my name? KOT please don’t (troll) me,” the comedian urged.

For him to ask netizens not to bash him goes to show what kind of trolling celebrities get and why they would not want to experience the same. Just recently, Bahati was the subject of online ridicule after claiming his wife was such a hottie, she could not fit in a bedsitter. He asked fans to put some respect on his wife’s name, Diana Marua, describing her as a gem.

This led to overwhelming ridicule as Twitter users went ahead to photoshop his wife in a bedsitter apartment just to prove a point to the singer. His apparent distaste for ‘young boys with Tunukiwa bundles,’ a new term used to describe social media busybodies, turned to be a back and forth session as he hid his anger and covered it with a fondant of laughter.

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