How To invest $100 make $1000 a day: 11 Proven Methods for the Year 2022

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How To invest $100 make $1000 a day: 11 Proven Methods for the Year 2022

invest $100 make $1000 a day

In order to build wealth, you need to put in the time and effort, but you also need to take action with your money. After all, hoarding your spare cash and hoping for the best won’t get you rich.

Are you looking for a method to put $100 to good use? Following these proven tactics that have worked for others and can work for you, you can easily invest $100 to make $1000 every day. If you want your money to expand to its maximum potential, you must invest it.

It is totally possible to make money online. There are ways to make money through investing that can be highly rewarding with the correct amount of information, planning, and perseverance.

Although $100 may not appear to be much, consider what you could achieve if you started investing $20, $50, or even $100 per month. You have to start somewhere when it comes to accumulating riches. The first step toward creating the life you truly desire is to invest $100.

Best Ways to Invest $100 to Make $1000 a Day

There are many ways to invest your money in a smart way. a lot of businesses can be very profitable, and more and more people are making money online in a lot of different ways, too. How do you start investing $100 to make $1,000 a day? There are many ways to do this!

As long as you have reasonable expectations, though, this is a good thing. The truth is that $100 isn’t a lot of money, and making $1000 a day from it will take a lot of time and effort. If you have the time and are willing to work hard, it is possible.

The following ideas are not “get rich quick schemes.” They are not. They are tried-and-true strategies that have worked for many people who have worked hard to become financially successful. As long as you put in the work, you can reach your financial goals.

Several things need to be made clear before I show you how to spend $100 and make $1,000 every day.

RULE 1: Being an investor always comes with a level of risk. Please make sure you can manage your money well before you start investing any money.

Rule 2: Credit card debt will eat up any money you make. It’s best to pay off any credit card debt before you think about making a long-term investment.

RULE 3: Before you start investing, think about setting up an emergency fund in a savings account. An emergency fund will give you peace of mind and give you money for a long time when things go wrong, so you can keep your investment safe.

Do your own research and check out the company you’re planning to buy with your money before you buy it! And, if you need help with your money, get help from a professional.

Are you willing to Invest $100 make $1000 a day? Let’s start now!

  • Stash

Start investing with as little as $5 with this simple investment platform that lets you start investing right away. Stash will give you $5 if you sign up for their free app.


It’s still true that stash charges you a $1 per month maintenance fee and a 0.25 percent fee for accounts with less than $5,000 in them. Either way, that is really cheap because you can start for as little as $5.
If you think you can bet on them, or you’re looking for something to do with $100, this is the place to go.



  •  Start a Blog; Invest $100 make $1,000 a Day

 Start a Blog; Invest $100 make $1000 a Day
invest $100 make $1000 a day

A lot of people now make money by blogging. A domain name, a hosting plan, and blogs that people want to read can help you start making money.

You can see why this is number one on my list. That’s because I started investing in my blog. It took me less than a year to start making money, and about five years to earn $1000 a day.

So, it takes time, but I think it’s worth it, and I still have a $100 credit card debt.

  • What Does Starting a Blog Cost?

There aren’t many costs to start a blog. When you start, you’ll need to buy a domain name. This name will be the name of the website your readers will go to when they visit. Sites like GoDaddy and start at a very low price to get a domain name.

You’ll also need a hosting plan so that your website can be up and running on the internet at all times. To make and host your site at the same time, you can use sites like WordPress, Squarespace, or Host plans can be different, but they usually cost about $10 to $15 a month, but that can change.

Hosts will be needed for your site to be seen on the web. Make sure you choose a web host that comes with a platform to run your blog so you can keep everything in one place. They all have this.

Here we go! It’s time to start writing! Choose a broad subject that you think people will be interested in. Perhaps you go on a lot of trips. You could write a blog about how much you love traveling if you want to. This has worked well for a lot of people.

There are no rules about what you can write about, but you should pick one that will be the same in all of your posts. To put it another way, people don’t want to visit a travel blog to read about investment finance.

It’s time to start making money from your blog when you have a lot of posts and people who like your blog. The number one way to do this is through ads.

A lot of people who write blogs use Google AdSense, which is an ad service that makes ads for your blog that are targeted toward your audience.
Also, BuySellAds is a good way to advertise on blogs. The way this works is a little different from the way Google AdSense works. You buy space for ads based on a list of advertisers who want to promote their product or service.

It’s also possible to do influencer marketing if you have a lot of people who like your work. This is where companies and brands pay you to talk about or write about their products or services, and you get paid for it.

If you want to make money from your blog, you can send out email newsletters, charge people to subscribe to your blog, or put affiliate links on your site. There are many ways to make money from your blog. I wrote a post about them.

  • Robo Investment Advisors

If you’re interested in investing, Betterment is a good example of this kind of thing. They offer online portfolio management that doesn’t require any human interaction to work.

As a result of having very little money to invest, you should use a Robo-advisor instead. They only ask you a few questions and then invest your money based on how much you’re willing to risk.

  • Investing in the Stock Market and Cryptocurrency

A good way to invest your money is to put some of it in both stocks and cryptocurrency. In the past, many people made money from the stock market. With the rise of cryptocurrency in the last decade, more ways to make money have been made available.

  • Investing in the Stock Market

Most of the time, the annual return on the stock market will outperform a high-interest savings account. If you want to make money over a long period of time, it’s one of the best ways to do so because of something called compound interest.

Not only that, but dividend stocks will give you more money back for your money. That said, if you only have $100 to start with, you might want to invest your money in another idea first. As your money grows, you’ll be able to invest more.

  • How much money will you have if you invest $100 to make $1,000 a day in a month in stocks?

On average, the S&P 500 index is expected to make about 12% over the course of the year. If you put in $100 and make $1,000 a day for 10 years, you’ll have $22,503.59. That’s because of compound interest.

If you reinvest dividends from stocks, you can make these earnings even more money. That’s a better rate of return than a savings account.

  •  Understand the Stock Market Before You Invest

Having an idea of what you can do with stocks and how the market works is very important before you start investing.

The stock market has a lot of different ways to trade and many different platforms you can use. Some platforms, like ETrade, don’t charge any fees when you trade certain investments, like stocks.

Note: You might want to buy stocks through a Roth IRA or 401 K to save money on taxes. Also, think about Robo Advisors.

If you’re just starting out in trading, can help you learn about the basic things you need to know. Click the video below to learn more.

It’s also possible to use investing services or a robo advisor like Betterment to help you manage your money. A robo advisor is a low-cost and flexible way to make your money grow, based on your own personal financial needs and wants. You can open a Roth IRA or 401 K investment account so that you don’t have to pay taxes on your money when you make money.

  •  Investing in Cryptocurrency

Making money by investing in Cryptocurrency is one of the best ways to become rich. Over the last few years, the value of Bitcoin has gone up a lot. Even if you only put in $100 at the start, you’ll have made more than $1,000.

If you buy Cryptocurrency, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else. However! Investing in digital currencies like Bitcoin can be one of the best ways to make money, but they can be very volatile and you can lose money as quickly as you can make money.

If you want to invest in Cryptocurrency, make sure you do your own research first. And, only invest the amount of money you can afford to lose, as well!

  • Savings Account

A lot of people don’t like this idea, but it’s actually a very good way to invest your $100 and they’re also very safe.

The point of this medium isn’t to have a place to dump your money, but to have a place to build up your money and look for better chances.

If you have $100 to invest, there are CIT banks where you can put it. Even though they might not seem like a high-interest investment, they are still better than the brick and mother banks in your area.

Starting with $100 as investment capital, put it in your savings account and build that up about ten times over the course of a few years. As soon as you can start with a $1,000 investment, you’ll have a lot of great options to choose from.

  • Start an Ecommerce Business

You can always sell your own things, too. One way that many people are making money is by selling their own products on sites like Etsy or Shopify. As the demand for your product grows, so does the number of people who want to buy it, as well as how well you market your business.

Decide what you want to sell and how you are going to market it. Perhaps you have an eye for old clothes. The clothes you buy for cheap online could be sold at a store you start. Artists and people who make home-made crafts could sell them.

  • Start a Dropshipping Business

Instead, you could open a Shopify store and sell other people’s products to make money by using drop shippers, which is how you would make money. You don’t even need to keep physical stock if you use drop shipping, where you sell products that another company has in stock and sends when someone buys them.

There are a lot of dropshipping platforms that you can use, like WooCommerce and Ali Express, that you can use. Most of these work very well with website design tools and shopping websites. Even Shopify has a list of drop shippers with products you can put on your site right away, even if you don’t have your own store.

Pick the products you want to sell, promote your online store, and wait for the sales to come in. This is how it works: The cost of starting a drop shipping site is very low.

You will need a domain name and web hosting. You can even design your own site using free website templates from Wix or WordPress, which will save you money on web design services.

Because you don’t own the products you sell, you won’t have to pay for them when you sell them. You will get a share of the profit when an item is sold.

  • Yourself

You can’t get a better return on your money than self-improvement and development. This is what I think is the best way to improve one’s finances and other things.

Find development courses on Udemy or in online libraries like, and improve your skills in a certain field of work. You don’t have to start a new course every time.

Sometimes, you can find gaps in your life and fill them in by taking a new class. The return on oneself is never-ending. It might be a good idea to invest in yourself with that $100.

See what Grayson Bell, the CEO of, thinks about self-improvement in this video.

Because investing in a Roth IRA is good, it only makes sense to keep investing in it. Instead, I’d rather spend $20 on a knowledge course on Udemy, because that way I can learn more. Make sure you’re good at something before you spend the rest of your money on advertising your new service to your customers and to people who might be interested. I could make $1,000 in a month or more with that $100. There are many good ways to spend $100. That new skill could keep me making more money month after months, which is a good way to spend $100. Don’t try to learn a new skill from scratch. Instead, just improve a skill that will make you more marketable.

  • Make Youtube Videos and Earn Ad Revenue

As with a blog, you can make money with ads on YouTube. If you make a YouTube channel that gets a lot of views or subscribers, you can set up Google AdSense so that you can start making money from each video.

AdSense can be set up on your YouTube channel just like Google ads for blogs. AdSense will make ads that are relevant to your target audience based on what you post on your channel. Do you want to be on YouTube? Find out how to make money on YouTube.

You can also make money by becoming a YouTube partner. The money you get from people who pay for YouTube Premium when they watch your videos is part of what they pay.

More controversial your videos are, the less likely YouTube will accept you as a partner and you can start making money uploading your videos to YouTube and making money from them,

As soon as you have a good number of subscribers, you can also charge people to watch the “premium” content on your channel.

People who have 30,000 followers must already be on your list before you can do this. This guide, from Hootsuite, shows you how to set up a YouTube channel and make money from it. There are many other guides on the web that show you how to do this.

To monetize your YouTube channel, there are very few or no costs, except for the costs of making the videos you want to make.

  • Book

Men and women who read become better people. When you buy books, you will be able to learn more about things. So, the person who learns a lot also does a lot more, and if you do more (productively) you’re bound to earn more.

Books can change how you think about life and give you new ideas about how to handle even your money.

I think George Samuel Clason’s book, The Richest Man in Babylon, is a good one. A lot of good books about money can help you improve your life.

  • Invest in Self Development

  • Books, online courses, etc.

The best thing you can do before you invest $100 is to invest in your own health and well-being. Taking the time to learn a new skill from online courses or self-help books can help you come up with new ways to make extra money.

It’s up to you to think of new ways to use your talents and skills. Perhaps you have always been interested in writing, and you recently started a blog to share your work with the world.

So that you can not only improve the content on your site, but also make money by providing SEO services, you could take courses that teach this skill. As long as the book or course ends up making you money, what’s the big deal?

  • Build A Business Of Your Own

The right books and skills might help you learn a thing or two about how to start a business. This could be one of the best ways to spend your $100.

Then, take that $100, and invest it in something that other people might not have thought of. For example, you could do something for your neighbors, like mow their lawn, with the money. From there, grow it.

In business, the more you work, the more money you make, and the more control you have. Owning your own business is the only way to go up from there.

  • Create an Online Course

A lot of people are now making money by selling their knowledge in the form of an on-line course. People who want to learn a new skill have taken to sites like Udemy and Teachable to sell courses to people who want to buy them.

  • How Do I Create an Online Course?

watch this video and understand better.

You can create a course for just about anything. The key is to find a skill you possess that is worth value to others. Perhaps you are a skilled photographer? You could sell an online course about how to make money as a photographer.

There are courses for just about anything out there, and you can likely think of a teachable skill that is worth paying to learn.  On many platforms, like Udemy, there is no upfront cost associated with creating an online course; the platform takes a small percentage of what users pay for your content.

  • Affiliate Marketing

You want to know about affiliate marketing, learn more by watching the video below;

An affiliate marketing business can also be a good way to make extra money on the internet. If you want to make money from your blog, you can write about products and services and then get paid for it.

When someone clicks on a link and buys something from the company you are advertising for, you get paid. This can be a lot of money. They sometimes made six or seven figures a month, according to Ahrefs.

In the beginning, this isn’t going to happen right away. If your blog or social media account has enough followers who trust your advice, you can easily make extra money from affiliate marketing.

You need to build a strong following and have a lot of people who believe what you say. When you start a blog, the costs are the same for affiliate marketing as they are for setting up a blog You can start making money for less than $100.



It may seem insignificant to begin an investment with just $100, but with time it can turn into a real asset. Starting out might be a challenge for many investors, but once you take that first step, the rest of the process becomes much simpler.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure you’re well-versed in the field in which you intend to invest your $100. Don’t hold yourself back from investing more if you have the means.


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