SA: Exciting new band, The Sun-Xa Experiment, set to take SA by storm


An exciting new Afro-soul band is set to take Mzansi by storm. The Sun-Xa Experiment fuses elements of English, Sotho and isiZulu when performing.

Sun-Xa Experiment is a 7 piece live music band that performs a unique spiritual sound. With their music written in IsiZulu, Sesotho and English, their presence on stage is felt through their performance that leaves you in healing mode.

The Afro-soul band aims to take listeners on not just a musical, but also a spiritual journey. The band members paint their bodies every time they go on stage.

The painting patterns are different for all performances and dependent on the energy of the day,

Sun-Xa Experiment released their single, Bayede, on 4 January. The band will release its full in March. Check out two of the band’s engaging performances below:

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