#EndSARS : Young man calls out Bolt driver for allegedly conniving with SARS officers to harass and extort him of N100k (video)

Young man calls out Bolt driver for allegedly conniving with SARS officers

A Nigerian man has taken to web-based media to get down on a Bolt driver who purportedly schemed with degenerate SARS officials to harrass and blackmail him of N100k.

As per the Twitter client, the episode happened while on his approach to get a few things at Yaba with his friend.

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I’m the one in this video

On 25th September 2020 My companion and I were en route to yaba, to get a few things which we needed to convey for “daddythebrand on ig” when our jolt got halted by men without regalia who professed to be sars officer.i would not open the entryways since they had no i.d

My companion who went with me was snoozing so I pivoted to wake him up, when I saw the @Boltapp_ng driver opened the entryways and they constrained their way in. One sat in front while the other at the back sit with us. They requested our telephones which we gave them

In the wake of checking our telephones and discovering nothing they advised my companion to get down from the vehicle and get into their transport. He consented. At that point he looked to me and requested that I do likewise, I rejected asking what I had done.. I further requested his ID card to be certain he is an official and not The video above.

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In the vehicle they began to compromise me. Revealing to me how they lol lock me up.. chain me and nobody would take care of business. My jolt driver didn’t make reference to single word all through this. We headed to some extension where they put my in binds

Furthermore, revealed to me that in the event that I attempted to call out for help once more, they’ll shoot me and toss my body down and nobody would discover me. This folks are genuine demons.i got into their transport then they said they are taking me to SFU division ikoyi. That is their station.. in the wake of driving around

In the wake of driving for around 30 minutes to one hour they asked us(me and my person) to pay them 1 million and I inquired as to why ? Are they done taking us to the station to tell us our wrongdoing. The person who sat in front who is by all accounts their manager blew up at my explanation which prompted Further dangers from the person who sat infront who has all the earmarks of being their chief

Seeing that we weren’t going to give them that cash they wound up bringing it down to 100k which they drove us to apex bank along osolo way, inverse sos home. Where they caused my person to get down from they transport to pull back the cash from the atm at pinnacle bank

After they got the cash they let us go. Till now I actually don’t have a clue about my wrongdoing. I called the jolt driver to restore the things I left in his vehicle and I discovered he has obstructed my numbe. Reached @Boltapp_ng and they said there’s nothing they can do as their Drivers are self employed entities. I have included my specialists and I’ll be suing jolt for harms just as Lagos state, for not utilizing mavericks as official what aim’s identity is’ to murder and plunder blameless individuals.


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