Chevenening UK Scholarship – How to Apply

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It is meant for Nigerian students who aspire to pursue a one-year master’s qualification at an institution in the United Kingdom through a Chevening Scholarship. The fellowship provides students with the opportunity to join the important Chevening worldwide network, in addition to the financial assistance provided by the award.

In addition to university tuition (up to a maximum of £18 000), a monthly stipend, travel grants to Chevening activities in the United Kingdom, transport costs to and from the United Kingdom, an arrival allowance, a departure allowance, and the cost of a visa application will be covered by the scholarship.

Fields of Study Covered

Nigerian applicants have the option of enrolling in any study program offered by a higher education institution in the United Kingdom. When choosing a study field, please keep in mind the UK’s priority in your country of residence.


Please ensure that you meet these minimum entry criteria before applying:

  • Citizen of a Chevening-eligible country
  • Pass the Chevening English language requirement (found at: by 13 July 2017 at the latest
  • Completed an undergraduate degree to gain access to a UK university postgraduate programme
  • Applied to at least 3 eligible UK university courses and been accepted (unconditional offer) in one of the programmes by 13 July 2017 at the latest
  • Have a minimum of 2 years working experience (voluntary work/ internship/ part time or full time) (find out more at:
  • Return to your country for at least 2 years after the scholarship award is complete
  • Have at least 1 written reference (find out more at:
  • Want to be a leader/ opinion former/ influencer/ decision maker in your home country
  • Have not received a scholarship funded by the UK government before



How to Apply

Apply online at: (copy and paste the link into your web browser).
You will be required to submit the following documentation (by 13 July 2017 at the latest):

  • 3 UK master’s programme choices
  • English language test results (this is optional if you have already met the requirements)
  • UK master’s university offer (this is optional if you have already met the requirements)

*PS: Please ensure that all documents are less than 5MB in size and are in PDF format.


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