CAN accuses Niger government of not honoring agreement to employ CRK teachers

CAN accuses Niger government of not honoring agreement to employ CRK teachers

The Niger State section of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has blamed the State Government for reneging on its consent to enroll Christian Religious Knowledge, CRK, educators in schools.

Emphasizing the situation of the relationship on the issue, the state CAN Chairman, Reverend Mathias Echioda, after the debut meeting of the Christian Teachers’ Forum in Minna, told newsmen that instructing of CRK has become an issue in the foundations of learning at both essential and auxiliary levels in Niger State.

The pastor stated, “The instructing of CRK is turning into an issue in our establishments of gaining particularly from the essential to the auxiliary level, as I check through the arrangements of schools in Niger State, I found that generally essential and optional schools don’t have Christian instructors educating CRK and some of them that they have are terribly lacking.”


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As per him, since schools are going to continue, the state government and different managers of work should select CRK educators in the state.

“We appeal to government and other employers of labour that the Christians should be allowed to teach their religion to the students in the institutions of learning. Christians should be allowed to teach the CRK and where we don’t have, let effort be made for the employment of these teachers. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander,” Rev Echioda stated.

Earlier, during the meeting with the teachers, he insisted that teaching remains the best profession, while urging appropriate authorities to accord more attention to the profession.

Maintaining, ”Teaching remains the best profession and the bedrock of all professions, whatever anyone is, whether you are in government or in the traditional cycle or a political or opinion leader or religious leader, you were taught by someone.

“This is also a call to the appropriate authorities to give more attention to the teaching profession so that the teachers will not look beggarly, let them be encouraged, a labourer deserves his wages and I pray God will give the heart of concern to some of our leaders to give extra attention to teachers.”

On the effect of COVID-19 on teachers, Echioda lamented that it hasn’t been easy for them, noting that they are the worst hit by the out break of the pandemic.

The CAN Chairman further enjoined all employers of teachers to make efforts and pay the teachers their dues when they resume back to work.

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