Aaren Simpson Biography, Age, Death and Facts

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Aaren Simpson with her family
Aaren Simpson with her family
Aaren Simpson with her family ( Image Source: Naibuzz.com )

Aaren Simpson was the most youthful offspring of previous American football player, Orenthal James Simpson prominently known as O. J. Simpson.

Her name may not sound natural like that of her acclaimed father and family. All things considered, that is on the grounds that the world was prevented from claiming Aaren some time before she could be heard.

Aaren’s unexpected demise in August 1979 was gotten with stun. All the more thus, it happened just five months after her folks were separated. Despite the fact that she is known for her dad’s popularity, Aaren Simpson never found the opportunity to make her own name, in a manner of speaking.

This article sorts out her profile, reason for death and other intriguing realities about this cute Daddy’s young lady we despite everything miss right up ’til the present time.

Aaren Simpson Biography and Family Background

Aaren Simpson with her brother
Image Source: usanewscourt.com (Aaren Simpson and her Brother)

Aaren Simpson was born on September 24, 1977, in California, USA, to Simpson and Whitley. Her fatherly grandparents were Eunice (née Durden), a clinic director, and Jimmy Lee Simpson, a gourmet expert and bank caretaker. She had one fatherly uncle, Melvin Leon, and two fatherly aunties, Carmelita and Shirley.

Aaren’s parents were youth darlings. They traded their marital promises when he was 19 years of age, on June 24, 1967. Their first kid, a little girl whom they named Arnelle, was conceived on December 4, 1968. She was trailed by their child Jason, who was conceived on April 21, 1970. Simpson and Whitley separated in March 1979, around five months preceding Aaren’s demise. As per reports, Whitley wedded twice progressively after her separation from Simpson.

In 1986, she wedded travel chief Rudolph Lewis. They got separated in 1991. After a year, she marry furniture salesperson Anthony Thomas. It is obscure whether they are as yet hitched or not.

During Simpson’s preliminary, Whitley showed up on ’20/20′ and told have Barbara Walters that Simpson had never genuinely mishandled her while they had been together. She additionally said that she accepted that Simpson had not murdered Brown and Goldman.

Cause Of Aaren Simpson Death

Aaren Simpson grave
Cause Of Aaren Simpson Death
(Aaren Simpson’s Grave)

On August 18, 1979, Aaren supposedly fell into the family pool. The paramedics were called to the scene and when they showed up, they found the little child’s inclined structure lying next to the pool.

They had the option to resuscitate her in the wake of doing mouth to mouth. She was therefore put in a coma and taken to the UCLA Medical Center. Aaren remained in unconsciousness for the accompanying not many days and kicked the bucket of respiratory disappointment on August 26, 1979, not exactly a month preceding her subsequent birthday.

Her memorial service was an extremely exclusive arrangement, went to just by family and dear companions.

Her parents mentioned the participants to give to the UCLA Cancer Research Center in Aaren’s name. In an announcement, Simpson later expressed gratitude toward the individuals who were lamenting close by the family, expressing that their desires, cards, and supplications continued their family. Her demise turned into the most despicable aspect of the now broken family. Today, as adults, Aaren’s kin talk about her with profound feelings. She was the dear younger sibling they’ll always miss.


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Following Events After the Death Of Aaren Simpson

O.J Simpson and Brown had known each other since 1977. While he was as yet marry to Whitley, he began a relationship with Brown. They wedded on February 2, 1985, and had two kids together, little girl Sydney Brooke Simpson (brought into the world 1985), and child, Justin Ryan Simpson (brought into the world 1988). They couple at last went separate ways in 1992.

On June 12, 1994, Brown and Goldman were discovered dead outside the previous’ condominium in Los Angeles. The police speculated that Simpson had submitted the killings and he was captured. After a long and much-pitched preliminary, a jury exonerated him of the charges. Be that as it may, Goldman’s family took him to the common court, where he was punished $33.5 million for the illegitimate passings of Brown and Goldman.

In 2007, Simpson was secured for theft and seizing in Las Vegas, Nevada. After a year, he was allowed a 33-year sentence by a Nevada court.

Facts About Aaren Simpson

1. Memorial service

Her private memorial service was gone to by a few dear loved ones who, on the order of the Simpsons, gave out their gifts to the UCLA malignant growth research focus in Aaren’s name.

2. After death Age

Had Aaren Simpson endure the occurrence, she would be a full developed lady in her forties at this point, potentially with a family.

3. Resting Place

Aaren lies covered in Holy Cross Cemetry, Culver City, Los Angeles.


Aaron Simpson Net Worth

Aaren’s dad O.J has an expected total assets of $250000. In any case, she was unable to appreciate a wide range of extravagances life because of her unsure passing.


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