10 Infamous African Dictators

African Dictators are some of the most Infamous in the World. This is agreeably the reason why Africa is the most underdeveloped and houses the poorest people on the planet.

While much improvements has been recorded in recent times; thanks to Democratic practices across African, Many African countries are yet to recover from the painful realities brought upon them by these Dictators, either ousted or still in Power.

In this article we bring to you 10 Infamous African Dictators Ever. By “Infamous” we mean leaders who are known for their notorious and evil acts.



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General Idi Amin is the first on out list (Infamous African Dictators). He previously rose to noticeable quality when he took the position of significant general in the Ugandan Army following freedom. He became administrator of the military and afterward took power in Uganda through a military upset in January 1971. He was in power for just 8 years however it was a portion of the most noticeably awful years in Ugandan history.

At the point when he took power he guaranteed that he was not a lawmaker and he would just remain in power until free races could be held. Be that as it may, after seven days he pronounced himself President and suspended various pieces of the Ugandan constitution. He made a military autocracy, where military officials were placed in top places of government and the military councils were placed above common law. He made the State Research Bureau which would torment and execute any who restricted Idi Amin’s standard.

In 1972, Ugandan outcast endeavored an upset against Idi Amin. They flopped however it made him distrustful. He expanded his constrained and fought back against the ethnic gatherings that the dissidents had a place with. Thousands were slaughtered or vanished. In a little while other ethnic gatherings were added to the cleanse and it is evaluated that somewhere in the range of 80,000 to 300,000 individuals were slaughtered during Idi Amin’s 8-year rule. He accepted that Asians and Europeans, regardless of whether they were Ugandan residents reserved no privilege to Ugandan organizations and he removed them and offered them to his devotees. The organizations were bungled and fizzled, which caused the nation’s financial to decrease.

He diverted the vast majority of the nation’s cash to the military and to himself which left the remainder of Uganda to endure in degraded destitution. He took such a large amount of the nation’s cash for himself that the swelling rate in Uganda increased to 1,000 percent when he was driven out of intensity.


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Talking About Infamous African Dictators Mobutu Sese Seko can’t be left out, He was a pioneer that had the option to drain his nation dry while as yet getting a charge out of the help of nations like the United States due to his enemy of socialist position. Mobutu Sese Seko drove an overthrow with the assistance of Belgium against the equitably elected president Patrice Lumumba.

Patrice Lumumba was slaughtered and Mobutu Sese Seko assumed control over the job of armed force head of staff in 1960. In 1965 he took power legitimately and proclaimed himself pioneer of the Congo. He would later rename the nation Zaire yet it would turn into the Democratic Republic of the Congo when Mobutu was removed from power.

He made a one gathering state that packed all force in his grasp. He made a culture that was based around his love and he frequently paraded his own excess to develop on his clique of character. His exceptionally brought together government permitted him to plunder the state coffers with exemption, driving numerous to consider his administration a “kleptocracy” because of the gigantic measure of assets he took. He constrained every outside speculator from the nation and nationalized all remote possessed firms. The administration of said firms was passed to family members or partners which would simply take the benefits of the company.  He carried on with an extravagant way of life with state reserves and amassed an individual fortune of more than $5 billion.

His rule was additionally loaded up with human rights abuses.  He would detain, torment and slaughter his political rivals frequently freely. He would draw adversaries who went into banish by promising them pardon just to torment them once they rose. His rule of fear and burglary reached a conclusion with the First Congo War when Laurent-Desire Kabila assumed responsibility for the administration with the help of Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.

3. CHARLES TAYLOR – LIBERIA (1997 – 2003)

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Charles Taylor of Liberia was one of only a handful not many degenerate pioneers on this or any rundown that left force. He was conceived in Liberia however went to Bentley College in the U.S. prior to coming back to Liberia as a component of Samuel Doe’s legislature. He was terminated for stealing $1 million

into an American financial balance and he fled to the U.S., where he was captured. He got away from authority and fled to Libya where he shaped the National Patriotic Front of Liberia. This began the primary Liberian Civil War which finished in 1996. Charles Taylor at that point ran for President with the scandalous trademark “He executed my mama, he slaughtered my dad, however I will decide in favor of him.”

As President he made his own private armed force while diminishing the size of the Armed Forces of Liberia. He was accused of war wrongdoings for his connections to the savagery in Sierra Leone in 2003 which included homicide, oppression and the utilization of kid troopers. He likewise was accepted to have acknowledged precious stones in return for weapons to help the dissidents in the Sierra Leone.

His defilement of the treasury and industry was as terrible as his human rights mishandles. He was known to take income from the Liberian logging industry. He utilized that cash for his own benefit as well as to finance rebels in different states and to destabilize the district. The logging organizations every single paid store to Taylor while likewise giving an approach to him to carry arms into the nation much after arms embargoes were forced on Liberia. He was accepted to have amassed of fortune of more than $50 million regardless of Liberia being a frantically poor nation.

In 1999 as he was being blamed for being a weapon sprinter and a precious stone bootlegger. He was prosecuted on 11 counts of violations as a detriment to humankind and in 2003 he was approached to step somewhere near President Bush and the global network. He was later indicted and condemned to 50 years in jail.

4. OMAR AL-BASHIR – SUDAN (1989 – 2019)

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Omar Al-Bashir came to control in Sudan in 1989 after he drove a military overthrow against the fairly chosen pioneer Sadiq al-Mahdi. In 1993 he pronounced himself President and disbanded all opponent ideological groups. He has held three races since he took power and was reappointed each time, however each political race has been enduring an onslaught for corruption.

In the 1996 political decision al-Bashir was the main applicant permitted by law to run and in this way he won by an embarrassing margin. Indeed, even once resistance groups were permitted and South Sudan became semi-self-sufficient he keeps on winning decisions that the global network sees as created with debasement. Infamous African Dictators.

Omar Al-Bashir is as of now the main standing president to have capture warrants gave against him by the International Criminal Court. His warrant is for violations against humankind to a great extent for the emergency in Darfur in which Omar Al-Bashir was seen as associated with the annihilation that happened there. He was arraigned on violations of homicide, elimination, torment, assault, coercive exchange and the atrocities of plundering and purposefully coordinating assaults against regular people. These are extreme allegations yet they have not hosed the love of the Sudanese individuals for their leader and numerous other African countries have denounced the arraignments. Since Sudan and Al-Bashir don’t perceive the International Criminal Court he keeps on outstanding president.

His debasement goes a long ways past his violations against humankind, he has additionally done a lot of plundering the state. Released political links recommend that Omar Al-Bashir has as much as $9 billion buried with the London banks. The links recommended that if the Sudanese individuals realized the amount he had taken from the national treasury they would see him as a criminal and not a crusader for the Sudanese people.  The normal yearly pay of an individual in Sudan is $960 which shows exactly the amount Omar Al-Bashir may have taken from the individuals and how somewhere down in neediness the remainder of the nation remains.



Robert Mugabe (cannot be counted out in the List of Infamous African Dictators) He has been President of Zimbabwe for a considerable length of time and turned into a notable figure in Zimbabwe (what was then Rhodesia) after he turned into the pioneer of the Zimbabwe African National Union. He was detained for a long time from 1964 to 1974 and when he was discharged he went to Mozambique to make a radical power to begin the Rhodesian Bush War. He won the political decision for Prime Minster in 1980 and became Prime Minister when Zimbabwe picked up its autonomy. When he came into power he began to unite it by making a solitary gathering state and utilizing a North Korean prepared security power to manage nonconformists. In December of 1987, he proclaimed himself President and solidified all forces of the states and enabled himself to break down the parliament and announce military law. (Infamous African Dictators)

Mugabe keeps on winning presidential decisions because of boundless defilement and extortion. In the 2002 and 2008 races it was realized that Mugabe assembled torment camps to rebuff anybody that would bolster his adversary. Many accept that the misrepresentation and debasement are the main reasons that Mugabe stays in power as he has driven a once financially effective nation into ruin. Zimbabwe has the most elevated joblessness of any African nation with about 70% joblessness. While his own fortune doesn’t appear as though much contrasted with a portion of different tyrants in Africa, in a nation with a GDP for every capita of $953, a $10 million total assets is faltering. It is assessed that the nation loses $1 billion of its $13 billion GDP to Most of his defilement originates from his wants to unite force and apparatus the races with the goal that he can remain in power uncertainly. Significantly in the wake of consenting to a force sharing game plan and attempting to conciliate the universal network, he is as yet known for plundering the jewel stores and executing or tormenting his restriction.


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A few Africans considered him to be King of Kings of Africa, Muammar Gaddafi was a braggart. He ran a police state. A few Libyans consider him a neurotic others a legend.

His youngsters and close family members reserved the privilege to murder without anybody addressing them.

Gaddafi was in power for a long time until the military upset in 1969. He was a charming pioneer and one of the nation’s most prominent despot. He met his demise in Sirte when renegades murdered him during the Libyan unrest in 2011.

Under his system, Libya turned into the primary creating nation to possess the best portion of incomes from its creation of oil. He offered safe houses, clean drinking water and free social insurance, free training that prompted a critical increment in the nation’s education rate. Then again, during his system, he drove the nation as an outright pioneer for very nearly 42 years. He squashed all elements that attempted to restricted him and liable for enormous number of passing in his nation. (Infamous African Dictators)


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Jose Eduardo dos Santos of Angola is the second-longest-serving pioneer in Africa and is outperformed distinctly by Teodoro Obiang Nguema who came into power two months before dos Santos. He rose to conspicuousness inside Angola as a feature of the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola which battled for Angola’s autonomy. After the nation’s freedom he turned into an individual from the Central Committee and in the end filled in as Deputy Prime Minister. On September twentieth(20th), 1979 he was chosen as the second President of Angola and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

Jose Eduardo dos Santos has over and over expressed that he will step down as President and that decisions will be held however the races consistently end with him being reappointed as pioneer of the decision party and the greater part gathering’s pioneer naturally becomes president. While on a superficial level he has supported the Angolan economy and built up the oil area of the nation’s business. He has likewise attempted to build showcase collaboration and remote interest in African precious stone ventures.

Be that as it may, as the economy of Angola develops, the abundance of its residents stays stale. Practically 70% of the populace exists on just $2 per day while the administration spending plan has developed to $69 billion. It was found that $32 billion in oil incomes just vanished. Not exclusively does dos Santos and his family seem, by all accounts, to be plundering from the oil incomes yet when numerous enterprises were privatized after the Angolan Civil War he assumed responsibility for a significant number of those businesses by and by. He additionally assumed control over various regular asset enterprises which keeps on building his own riches. He has an expected total assets of $20 billion and his little girl has a total assets of $3.8 billion.

8. TEDODORO OBIANG NGUEMA MBASOGO – Equatorial New Guinea (1979 – Present)

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The name Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo may sound recognizable and that is on the grounds that he is the person who took power from his uncle Francisco Macias Nquema in 1979. He has held force with an iron clench hand and remains the longest serving president in the whole world and the longest serving pioneer in Africa. He began his standard on a positive note, saying that his authority would end the oppression of his uncle. Political detainees were discharged and the legislative arrangement of constrained work was abrogated. Nonetheless, he keeps on winning presidential decisions through false methods winning as much as 97% of the vote. Hardly any individuals from the global network accept that the decisions in Equatorial New Guinea are free. Obiang has likewise would not resign from his job as president in spite of term limits in the 2011 constitution.

There have been various human rights mishandles including killings done by the administration, unlawful detainment, torment, and repulsive conditions inside penitentiaries. There is no free press in the nation and the resistance while lawful, frequently winds up confronting discipline from the administration. Obiang has additionally made a faction of love in the state for himself, with roads that recognize his upset, individuals wear garments with his photos on them and discourses are constantly finished with giving him well-wishes. (Infamous African Dictators)

His burglary of state reserves has expanded his own riches and the abundance of his family to amazing levels. It accepted that he has a total assets of $600 million which makes him one of the world’s wealthiest heads of state. In 2003 he assumed responsibility for the treasury in light of “across the board defilement” and said that he expected to place a large portion of a billion dollars into a financial balance that he controlled so as to ensure it. Obiang and his bureau get billions every year in oil income however it doesn’t mean increasingly open spending but instead spending on presidential costs.

9. SEKOU TOURE – GUINEA (1958-1984)

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Toure was the primary leader of Guinea. He administered the nation until his passing in 1984. Much the same as different tyrants, he had endure a few overthrows and death endeavors. In 1984, he kicked the bucket of cardiovascular breakdown. During his time, he restricted all gatherings that attempted to contradict him and his gathering turned into the main legitimate gathering in the nation. He was described as one who didn’t have capacity to bear restriction. Blamed on various cases in extra legal killings and human rights misuse.


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He controlled for just five years yet during that time he worked a cryptic and severe system that left Nigeria in supreme neediness. He can’t be left out in this list of Infamous African Dictators, Abacha got power through a military upset in November 17th 1993. The next year he gave a declaration that gave him total force by putting the authority of his legislature over that of the courts. He additionally gave a pronouncement that would permit him to detain anybody for a quarter of a year without preliminary.

On a superficial level one may believe that Abacha had a fruitful administration. He would ready to build the nation’s outside trade stores to $9.6 billion by the center of 1997. He paid off the nation’s obligation by $9 billion and diminished the swelling rate to 8.5% which had been formerly gaining out of power at 54%. His monetary accomplishments were exceptionally noteworthy considering the desperate financial waterways that the nation had been in before his administration. In any case, the genuine story is totally different.

Sani Abacha is viewed as one of the most degenerate pioneers in history on account of the measure of cash he took from his own nation. The principle fare of Nigeria was oil and Abacha and his accomplices assumed responsibility for almost every part of the business. The nation earned about $10 billion per year from its oil deals and it gives 80% of the Nigeria’s administration income, however that didn’t prevent Abacha from siphoning a huge level of that income for his own fortune. He is accepted that he took more than $4.3 billion from the legislature for himself in a nation where the GDP per capita was under $3,000.

Human rights mishandles were likewise uncontrolled during his residency as he was known to slaughter or detain any political resistance to his control. Torment and extensive detainments for minor violations were normal. Family members of the individuals who were needed by the administration would frequently be detained so as to persuade the needed lawbreakers to hand themselves over.

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